140 Plungers raised $11,500 at the 2018 Rochester Cool School Plunge! 

Location and Check In

Not registered online? Walk-up registration will be taken at the Pre-Plunge and Day-Of Check In events.

Plunge Time
Plunge begins at 11 a.m.

Plunge Location
Foster Arend Park
4109 E River Road NE
Rochester, MN
map and directions

Day-Of Plunge Check In
10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Foster Arend Park
4109 E River Road NE
Rochester, MN
map and directions


Scotty Matthews
106.9 KROC

Group Challenges

Other Activities

Rochester Plunge
Super Plunge


U.S. Bank Polar Plunge Forecast

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What is the Cool School Plunge?

The Cool School Plunge is an event designed specifically for students, staff and families of schools to participate in the Polar Plunge. While receiving a fun and educational experience about Special Olympics Minnesota (SOMN), the Cool School Plunge aims to teach youth from a young age about inclusion. Students will participate in the Polar Plunge and also interact firsthand with SOMN and learn more about ways they can get involved with SOMN programs. Students are encouraged to challenge others within their school as well as neighboring schools to participate!

Separate men’s and women’s heated changing tents are provided on-site, as well as a heated tunnel to warm up in afterwards!

Cool School Plunge* teams can also take part in our Give Back, Get Unified Fundraiser** to benefit their school.

Cool School Plunge participants must raise a minimum of $75 to participate in the event and are encouraged to raise additional funds and earn prizes along the way. All participants will receive:

$75 — Long-sleeved shirt
$150 — Long-sleeved shirt and baseball hat
$300 — Long-sleeved shirt and quarter zip
$500 — Long-sleeved shirt and sweatshirt
$750 — Long-sleeved shirt and wind jacket
$1,000 — Long-sleeved shirt and backpack
$1,500 — Long-sleeved shirt and puffer jacket
$3,000 — All incentives!


Event photos will be posted to our Flickr and Facebook pages as we receive them. We are fortunate to have wonderful volunteer photographers for our events, and it typically takes a few weeks until we receive and post photos so please stay tuned.

Additional Events

Free lunch
Tons of games and activities
The chance to win great prizes
Opportunities to learn about Special Olympics Minnesota and our athletes
The entire event emceed by local radio DJ’s
Games on the main stage for students and teachers
Music, dancing and fun for all!
And much, much more!


Nick Cedergren

* Cool School Plunge is for K-12 only.
** The Give Back, Get Unified Fundraiser allows K-12 school teams to receive 35% of funds raised online (up to $3,500 for their school).

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Past Plunge Results

2018 – 140 Plungers raised $11,500

2017 – 100 Plungers raised $9,000