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Day Of Plunge Information

Pre-Plunge and Day-Of Check-In

  • Team captains may check in their team members if:
    • all team members have registered online (if not, participants will need to register themselves and sign a waiver on site)
    • they have all cash and check donations from every team member (checks can be written out to Special Olympics Minnesota)
    • they have desired incentive and size for every team member
  • If you completely check in at pre-Plunge check-in, you will not need to check in on the day of the Plunge and can arrive just before your designated Plunge time.
  • If your team captain signed you up for a later Plunge time (if offered), be sure you have attended check-in by the time Plunges begin.
  • Only attend pre-Plunge check-in if you are finished with your fundraising efforts.
  • Incentives are distributed at pre-Plunge check-in and cannot be exchanged.
  • All participants must check in prior to Plunging to turn in funds, receive their incentives and receive Plunger access materials to be allowed to the site.

Time Slots

  • Time slots are only used at select locations. Please check your location page for details regarding whether time slots are provided.
  • Plungers are required to sign up for a Plunge time and can do so at pre-Plunge check-in or day-of check-in.
  • Time slots are first come, first serve.
  • Everyone on a Plunge team will be given the same Plunge time.
  • A team captain can sign up the entire team for a Plunge time slot, but remember that all team members need to check in (if their team captain hasn't checked them in) at pre-Plunge check-in or by the time Plunges begin on the day of the event in order to Plunge.

Safety Tips

  • All Plungers must wear shoes. Secured footwear is preferred — no flip flops!
  • Do NOT dive or flip into the water. This is a safety precaution for all Plungers that is strictly enforced by the Dive Team.
  • We advise you not to Plunge after drinking alcohol. Intoxicated people will not be permitted to Plunge.
  • Wear a costume that's appropriate and non-discriminatory. Anyone wearing an offensive costume won't be allowed to Plunge.
  • Leave valuables at home or with a spectator. Special Olympics Minnesota is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

What to Expect

  • For most of our Plunges and for adults, the water won't go over your head unless you try! If you're concerned with the water depth, ask the Dive Team personnel before jumping.
  • Trained Dive Team and EMT personnel are at the Plunge hole for assistance for those who aren't strong swimmers or if any accidents take place.
  • At pre-check-in and day-of check-in, Plunge volunteers will have access to all donations made online to your account. Any donations mailed in to the State Office are also included in this total.
  • Plungers are responsible for bringing all offline donations (cash, checks) to check-in so that they can receive credit for those funds.
  • After you've checked in at the Plunge site, head to the changing tents. You'll gain entrance to the Plunger staging area and can wait in a warm, heated space for your Plunge time (if assigned). Only Plungers will receive access to this area.
  • Any last-minute Plunge updates will be posted to the Plunge location pages.

What to Bring

  • A towel to dry off and warm up with
  • Old shoes, aquatic shoes, etc. All Plungers must wear shoes to Plunge. You'll have to walk out on the ice and sometimes wait a moment for others to jump, so please wear a pair of shoes that you don't mind getting wet. Don't forget to bring a pair of dry shoes to wear afterwards!
  • A duffel bag, backpack, garbage bag, etc. It's a good idea to bring a bag for dry clothes and your Plunge incentive as well as a plastic bag for your wet clothes after you've Plunged.
  • Dry replacement clothes. After you're done Plunging, it's nice to have some warm and dry clothes for the journey home.

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