Who should checks be written out to?

Checks can be written out to “Special Olympics Minnesota” or “SOMN.”

I want to donate online, but your website isn’t secure.

Actually, we do have a valid secure socket layer (SSL) certificate installed on the website. All the transactions are encrypted by a company called Network Solutions. We have a couple elements on our pages that bypass the certificate, which is why it looks like the site isn’t secure. We use these elements for tracking website statistics. They don’t collect any financial or personal information.

How can I make a donation without submitting my credit card online?

You can make a donation by calling us at 763.270.7119 (toll-free: 800-783-7732 ext. 119) and leaving a voicemail message; we’ll return your call as soon as possible so you can give us your information over the phone. You can also bring or give your chosen Plunger a check (written out to “Special Olympics Minnesota” or “SOMN”) or cash donation, which you/they will then turn in at the event. You can also mail in your donation to the address below. Be sure to include the participant’s name so we know who to give credit to.

Special Olympics Minnesota
Attn: Polar Plunge / participant’s name
900 2nd Ave S, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! Our tax ID/EIN number is 41-1228157.

Is there a donation form that I can download to give to people who might want to sponsor me?

Yes! We have a Donation Tracker you can download.

My company offers matching gifts. How does that work towards my total?

Matching gifts are a great way to raise additional funds for your Plunge. As long as we receive the matching gift BEFORE the Plunge, we will give you credit for the donation and add it to your fundraising total. All you need to do is complete a request with your employer. They will have us verify your donation and will send us the matching funds if we qualify under their giving qualifications.

Will my supporters automatically receive a receipt, or do I need to request them?

Special Olympics Minnesota automatically generates receipts for anyone who contributes $25 or more by check or money order and for whom we have complete and accurate contact information (name, mailing address). All donations that are made online via credit card automatically receive a donation receipt via email for any amount. Cash donations do not receive receipts, but you can provide one yourself by using our downloadable donor receipt form (pdf).

I can’t collect all my donations before the Plunge. What do I do?

As long as you have the minimum $75 by the time of the Plunge, you’ll be able to participate, and the remaining funds can be turned in later. We can only register you and provide an incentive for the amount of money you raised at the time of the Plunge. If you receive donations after the Plunge, you can mail them to the address below. Please include your name and Plunge location.

Special Olympics Minnesota
Attn: Polar Plunge
900 2nd Ave S, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55402

I live outside of the U.S. How can I donate to a Plunger?

You have a few options! Visit this page to find out how.