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Our recently-developed partnership with FOX Sports North is one that we foresee expanding in the coming years. With involvement from numerous areas of the their team, FOX Sports North has been crucial in helping the Plunge to gain exposure and support from their viewers statewide.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of FOX Sports North, Mike Dimond, was a huge piece in our relationship in 2014. During the 2014 Plunge season, Mike (accompanied by his wife, Janice) traveled from site to site, taking an icy dip at every single location along the way—racking up a total of 25 Plunges! But he didn’t stop there: Mike also ran the Plunge 5K in Minneapolis, participated in the Executive Challenge (raising more than $10,000 in the process), and even joined young prospective Plungers in the Pee Wee Plunge! Mike’s and Janice’s commitment to the Plunge is inspiring and humbling, a relationship we plan to build in the future.

FOX Sports North has brought so many new and exciting connections and outlets to the table. They’ve helped us to connect the Plunge with the FOX Sports North Girls, many esteemed faces from Minnesota’s pro sports teams, and more. We’re more than excited to continue to expand this partnership into 2015 and beyond.