Too Chicken To Plunge

Plunging not your thing? Or maybe you’ve crossed it off your bucket list with no plans to return. No problem! We’ve got a way for you to be involved without dipping your piggies into the lake – the Too Chicken Plunge.

Just register for any Plunge and click the check box for Too Chicken. You can still join a Plunge team with your friends, coworkers, etc., but this way you won’t have to jump in. Too Chicken Plungers are great for cheering on their team, taking pictures and contributing to the fundraising goals.

Too Chicken Plungers will be awarded a long-sleeved Plunge shirt and they will walk along with their team. Instead of Plunging, Too Chicken Plungers will throw a plastic chicken in the water in their place!

Too Chicken Plungers must raise a minimum of $75 to participate in the event and are encouraged to raise additional funds and earn prizes along the way.