Items in the Printed Materials section below can be sent to you at no cost.* Request Plunger tools by emailing Please enter “Plunger Tools” as the subject line and include the items and quantities you’d like in the message (note: icons come in packs of 100). Don’t forget to include your address! Feel free to share how you’ll be using them—we love to hear what’s going on out in the community!

Printed materials

Icons (pdf)
Poster – 8.5″ x 11″ (pdf)
Poster – 11″ x 17″ (pdf)
Rack card (pdf)
Table tent (pdf)

Participant tools and tips

Getting Started flyer (pdf)
Plunge flyer (pdf)
Where your money goes (pdf)
Plunger business cards (pdf)
Donor receipt (pdf)
How to raise $150 in 7 days (pdf)
How to raise $500 in 10 days (pdf)
Email outreach tips (pdf)
Social media tips (pdf)
Additional ways to fundraise (pdf)
Pledge Tracker (pdf)
Team Tracker (pdf)
Team Building 101 (pdf)
Customizable poster (pdf)
Plunge Memes


Plunger (pdf)
Team captain (pdf)
Executive challenge (pdf)

Plunge Window Clings

Window Cling (preview)

Email banner

Page 1

Team Challenge tools

Corporate involvement ideas (pdf)
Customizable corporate poster (pdf)
Corporate toolkit (pdf)
Corporate Sick Note (pdf)

Law enforcement departments
Law enforcement involvement ideas (pdf)
Customizable law enforcement poster (pdf)

Restaurant involvement ideas (pdf)
Customizable restaurant poster (pdf)
Restaurant toolkit (pdf)

School involvement ideas (pdf)
Customizable school poster (pdf)
School toolkit (pdf)
School Sick Note (pdf)