Use code “AFFINITYPLUS” to receive your first $25 donation!

This promo code has ended for the 2023 season.
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Because of our generous friends at Affinity Plus, when you register for the 2023 MSUM Plunge sponsored by Affinity Plus (virtual or in person) and use the promo code AFFINITYPLUS, you’ll receive a $25 donation toward your fundraising efforts! This campaign is limited to the first 200 Plungers who use the code.

Here’s what you need to do to earn an automatic $25 donation:

Register for the virtual or in-person MSUM Plunge sponsored by Affinity Plus and enter the code AFFINITYPLUS in the promo code field during Step 3. Don’t forget to click the APPLY button after entering the code!

Screenshot of promo code field


Eligible recipients include any individual who registers online for the upcoming MSUM Plunge sponsored by Affinity Plus (in-person or virtual) after 12 AM on March 16, 2023 and before 11:59 PM on April 20, 2023, up to the first 200 Plungers. The $25 donation will appear on each eligible participant’s fundraising page and will be attributed to “Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union.” Please allow 72 hours for the donation to appear. Donations are limited to the first 200 participants who apply the AFFINITYPLUS promo code during their registration. One code per participant.