Gopher Plunge Revenue Share

Special Olympics Minnesota is pleased to offer the Polar Plunge Revenue Share opportunity for all University of Minnesota teams – as long as your Plunge team is an officially recognized University organization, you’re eligible! The concept is simple: Participating in Polar Plunge increases your school’s participation with Special Olympics, and you earn a percentage of funds raised back to your school!

Step 1

Complete the Polar Plunge Revenue Share Application and submit it online prior to your participation in the Plunge.

Revenue Share Application

Step 2

Register your Plunge Team here on this website.

Step 3

Get everyone you can to register for the Plunge with your Plunge Team in order for their fundraising totals to be included into your team’s fundraising totals.

Revenue Share Breakdown

For every student group (club, organization, varsity sports team, etc.) that creates a Plunge Team, 35% of the funds raised online by that team goes to that group, and 15% goes back to the University of Minnesota Special Olympics Unified Club.

Other Important Information

– Each individual Plunger must raise a minimum of $50 to Plunge.
– Only online donations earned on count towards your team’s fundraising total that is eligible for Revenue Share. The thermometers on your team’s page reflect both online and offline donations that have been received, so they are not an accurate representation of your Revenue Share amount.
– The goal of the Polar Plunge Revenue Share opportunity is to support Unified Champion Schools and grow Polar Plunge participation. In the spirit of this support, teams are not allowed to join with existing Plunge teams to receive additional revenue. Please form your own team and recruit new Plungers!

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