Law Enforcement Fundraising Resources


Utilize FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to reach out to your friends and family when asking for donations. Make sure that you link your Plunge Account to your posts so it’s super easy for people to donate right to you! Another important reminder: don’t create a Facebook Fundraiser – that money won’t count towards your total for the Plunge!


Email is another great way to reach out to people for donations. You can utilize the Message Center in your Plunge Account to send people an email. And the best part about the Message Center? You don’t have to come up with the right words to say – we’ve taken care of that for you! If you need some more compelling information to convince people to donate, just share any of the numbers you see on the Donation Impact page!


There’s no need to fundraise alone – get your entire Agency working together! Got a cool Polar Plunge fundraising concept of your own? Let us know what you want to do and we will do whatever we can to help!


Are people in your network employed at a company that does charitable gift matching? It’s worth checking out! When you find someone to donate to you, make sure they find out if their company will match their donation – that could mean double the money for you! They can complete the matching process online when they donate to your Plunge Account online.


Where Your Money Goes
How to Raise $150 in 7 Days
How to Raise $500 in 10 Days
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Full Law Enforcement Fundraising Toolkit