How to Plunge


– Pick the location you would like to Plunge at

– Set your fundraising goal – make sure to check out the corresponding incentives for each level

– Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to join your team. The bigger the team, the better!


– All of the money you raise goes directly to Special Olympics Minnesota

– Donations can be made online or with cash or check onsite

– Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to make a donation

– Use social media to share your fundraising page and ask your followers to donate

– Check out the DONATION IMPACT page for more compelling fundraising info


– When you arrive at your Plunge, make your first stop the Welcome Area – here you will check-in, pick up your incentives, and find out your Plunge time

– During the downtime before Plunging, check out all of the activations and vendors onsite

– Make your way to the changing tent 15-30 minutes before your Plunge time

– PLUNGE! Basically, just jump in and enjoy the refreshing water

– After you Plunge, get back into some dry clothes and share your accomplishments with your donors and friends on social media – your fundraising page will still be open to receive more donations