Virtual Plunge

Register for Virtual Plunge

This year, it’s not important how you participate in the Polar Plunge. It’s important that you participate.

If you don’t feel comfortable attending an in-person Polar Plunge, the Virtual Plunge is perfect for you. The rules are simple: Get cold, be safe and don’t forget to document it!

You can take the Virtual Plunge whenever and however you like! Creativity is key. Whether you’re dipping into an ice cold bath or adding a bucket of ice water to your favorite TikTok dance, the opportunities are endless! Make sure to take a photo or video and share your Virtual Plunge on social media to show how you’re supporting Special Olympics Minnesota. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you’re participating in the Virtual Plunge, your incentives will be mailed to the address entered during registration. Please make sure that the address on your account is where you would like incentives to arrive at the end of the Plunge season (mid-March).

Here are some ideas to help you get started!

– Add a bucket of ice water to your favorite TikTok dance
– Take the Plunge into a bathtub full of ice water
– Take a kiddie pool Plunge in your back yard
Freeze your beard or hair
– Ice cream Plunge??
– Dump an iced beverage from your favorite coffee shop on your head
– Swimsuit snow angels
– Winter water balloon fight
Your best idea here!


Please be responsible and safe with your Virtual Plunge!

The in-person Polar Plunge is safe because we have a professional dive team in the water and emergency responders on site. Do NOT attempt to jump into a lake, river or any other body of water for the Virtual Plunge. Do not do anything that could physically harm yourself or others. Special Olympics Minnesota is not responsible for any injuries that occur while participating in the Virtual Plunge.